I can't get slides working


I select a note or two (on the same string) in a guitar part.
I activate slide in in the properties panel.
Slides don’t appear.

Everything else works fine. (Pre bends, string number, fingering)

What am I doing wrong?



Does each of the notes have fingering (and for that matter, the same fingering)? That’s a pre-requisite of the slide in functionality.

Yes, they do.

Ok, i am sorry. If I have two notes, it does show the slide. For one note, I can’t get it to work.
I must say, it is a long way, to show a slide. IT would be nice, to have a little simpler solution.

I really like the “pre bend Intervall” feature though!!!

You mean you want to slide in or out of a single note? That’s an ornament, then.

I try to slide in.
I can’t find it at ornaments.

I tried a glissando, but it moves the notes farther from each other, so it looks sort of weird.
For now, I use scoops for slide ins.