I can't get this file to play back

I created this file using another file as a template. The original file plays back, this one doesn’t. NotePerformer loads the correct sounds and the playhead moves but there’s no sound. Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong?
test.dorico.zip (435 KB)

Open the mixer and un-solo DoricoBeep, then you will hear sound again.

Thank you, Ulf. I wonder how NotePerformer got set to mute, as I certainly didn’t do that consciously. Might there a be a key combination which would have triggered this? I checked and couldn’t find anything in Key Commands/Play which suggested it, although I’m not exactly sure what to look for.

Yes, you might have soloed something based on the selection with e.g. Alt+S.

Thanks, Daniel. That’s exactly what happened.