I can't get UAD pluggins to activate in group channels

I can’t get UAD pluggins to activate in group channels or the stereo buss. Suddenly stopped working.
UAD pluggins load and activate in audio channels but no group channels. I can load old projects and the saved pluggins load and work. Any idea of the problem

You might take a look at “constrain delay compensation”.


I can add pluggins into other channels with no problems. Nuendo is loading Mono pluggins in the stereo inserts of the group channels. When I put an insert on a stereo audio channel it loads the stereo pluggin. I went back to Nuendo 7 64 bit and was able to work on my project and use to use my pluggins with no problem. Any other ideas would be great. I’ve updated Nuendo 11 and my UAD software trying to resolve the problem.

Why do you ignore the previous post?

Did you checked that?

I checked that.