I can't go on at Steinberg's Edu Shop

Hi Everyone!

This is my first topic.
I’m writing here to find a solution to my issue.
I was trying to buy an Educational Version of Wavelab Pro 9. I’m an Italian Conservatory student of Sound Engineering and I really need it for my Mastering Class.
So, I went to Edu Shop, selected Wavelab Pro 9, added it to the cart and logged in the shopping site area.
Steinberg asked me to upload a proof of eligibility and to choose my Country. I chose “Italy” and the I uploaded my proof.

That’s the issue: once I uploaded it, I can’t go on with the purchase. I simply still in the same page with the Country selector and, again, the uploading section. No “OK” or “Go” button on the screen.

I tried with Google Chrome and Edge browsers on Windows 10 and I had the same problem.
Is this a bug or a site’s issue?

Thanks in advance for your attention :slight_smile:

when they have validated your proof of entitlement, you will get an email with a link to continue. I agree that could be made clearer - I was puzzled for a while over a similar competitive upgrade purchase.


Ok, now it’s clear. Thank you very much Paul.
I wonder why they don’t tell you messages like “we’re now processing your request” or similar.
I thought it was a site’s bug so I uploaded different proofs in the previous days, how long will it take to process my request?


It was next day for mine, so I expect you’re done now.