I can't hear any thing from Dorico pro 4

Hey, I’m was looking for a new program to use and I heard really good things about Dorico so I downloaded Dorico 4 pro on a trail period and it’s good but I can not hear any thing., not when I write or on playback.
I have checked my device set up and every thing is ok there.
I made sure I downloaded every thing I need and in HALion Sonic SE I can hear sound but in dorico I still can’t.
Please help

Once you have enough Discourse permission, can you download a brief sample that we can look at? This may be as simple as applying a Playback Template in Play Mode or making sure one’s computer sound card and Dorico Device setup use the same sample rate.

(What computer operating system are you using?)

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I would first check if both depth and sampling frequency of your machine output and of Dorico (Edit-> Device Setup-> Control panel) are the same…

Please create a new project from piano template and then choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. From the contained files I should be able to tell what is wrong and give further advice.