I can't hear my input but it will record and playback

I am going crazy over this! Please help. Cubase 6.5/Windows 7.

I do dance music and have 5 synths hooked-up using “external instrument” and they all work perfectly and always have.

I just got a UA LA-610 mkII preamp and I am trying to record some bass. I created a mono input bus. I then created an audio track with the input bus feeding it. When I play i see signal to the input bus, the audio track AND the master output! Yet, I do not hear anything. (of course, i am pressing the monitor button on the audio track.)

I can record and a wav file appears, and when i press play it plays back, but i CANNOT monitor when recording or while idle with the record button ON the Audio track.

Just a stab in the dark, but maybe has something to do with direct monitoring or your soundcards control panel mixer?

it is probably that you have your audio card set to direct monitoring. (as Split said)