I can't hear some VST instrument in edit mode

Hi. There are some VST instrument that not sound in edit instrument mode. It sound right If I play some key on my keyboard, but not in edit mode. I’ve got activate monitor mode. And is only with Korg Legacy (M1 and Wavestation) and Sylenth. It was some days ago. I don’t know why. But sound well all my arturia virtual and, Roland or … Steinberg.

Anyone know what may be the reason ?? Perhaps I have any option off or something wrong because ?? Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

Aren’t these KORG plug-ins 32-bit?

I don’t know. Is it very important?? Why??

Some days ago it was the same plug. And it run ok.

It would be important. 32-bit plug-ins are using VST Bridge. So there could be something.

My Korg plugins are all 64 bit, at least here on my MS Win7x64 PC with Cb8.5x64. JCTrance, attach your specs and you may get more specific help.

All my plugins work fine… What do you mean by Edit Mode? Do you see the midi meters and the audio meters in the mixer moving?


What do you mean by Edit Mode?

Do you know when create Instrument track, and choose a instrument, depending kind on manufacturer, you see the synth (keyboard, knobs, controls, etc…) directly and there are some (kong) you see a miniature of the synth and with double click maximize this windows and I can “edit” or manipulate this knobs. This is edit mode. Then… in miniature, the programs play sound. But in edit mode, not.


This means, you are using 32-bit version of the plug-in. Install 64-bit version, please.

You’re right. All is ok and sounds ok.

Thanks !!! All is over :slight_smile: