I cant hear vsti sound

This is Cubase 12. As you can see in the video, the MIDI track has sound, but the instrument track has no sound. It wasn’t an audio connection problem either. Besides, obviously, I installed seven vsti installations, but a few don’t come out. Even after initializing Cubase, this is still the case. I’m going crazy. Seniors please.

https://m.kin.naver.com/mobile/qna/detail.naver?d1id=3&dirId=30216&docId=429671771&qb=7YGQ67Kg7J207IqkMTIg6rCA7IOB7JWF6riw6rCAICDshozrpqzqsIA=&enc=utf8&section=kin.ext&rank=1&search_sort=0&spq=0 1

This link is a Korean question site, and I have uploaded a video I took here.

Thank you!


Add we can see on the video, you loaded patch/sound at slot 7 in HALion Sonic SR, what is using MIDI Channel 7. But in the track, you are using MIDI Channel 1.

Please, load the patch/sound at the 1st slot in HALion Sonic SE.