I can't keep it in...

I’ve been working on a new song. Glyn has graciously agreed to write the lyrics and sing it.

I haven’t been this excited since I saw those drunk, 21 year old, blond twins. :laughing: This song is going to kick some serious ass. It’s a funk-oriented rock song with attitude!

Yes, I may be over-hyping it. But I am excited. :mrgreen:

…Sooo…pretty excited then?! :smiley:

Already looking forward to having it kick my ass!! :smiley:

Then let it out, not much to see here :wink:

OK … here’s a link to the first time I had the honour to work with Larry.
Desert and Wim, too.

This had some knit-together strength.

What Larry’s got now, at this early point in the proceedings, is already compelling me to ‘feel’ the virtual stage beneath my feet. Very excited by the interplay between his percussion and his horn section.


Can’t wait to hear it, Larry. Glyn’s vocal performances have, on a number of occasions, left me
breathless and pumping my fist in the air.

This oughtta be good! :sunglasses:

And I’m sure Glyn is thrilled to have outdone the twins without having sung a note yet! :laughing:


By means of selective micro-quoting Lenny’s statement, extracting it, and taking it into a context of my choosing …
I declare that

If I’d seen them 40 years ago, those twins would have

… come to think of it, by context-extraction, I’d be keeping on topic too

[[ :laughing:< something between> :neutral_face: ] & :blush: ]
Because full on ROFLMAO at my own ‘funny’ would, by over-amplification, would tend to try to impose governance on the readers’ response, rather than respecting their level foundation from which to assess the statement on the merits of its content.

Larry’s Song is a prime temptation for this kind of behaviour. It IS Twin-Pumping as the horn and precussion parts - those two parts bump and jostle through the piece in a teasing promise of simultaneity, the fulfilment of which Larry keeps us waiting all the way to the end.

As I listen through it, I am moved to grimaces, chair-tilts and sitting squat-thrusts.
I remind me of somebody elses pet dog on a hot day. On a steep grass slope in Kew Botanical Gardens. Bollock-Sledding fantically past outraged picnic cloths - a long approach path, landing and taxiing to a halt in the blanc mange of a kiddies’ birthday party.

What I always liked about James Brown was his precision. A precision which M Jackson, in his dancing, IMO over-tightened to the point of a self-consciousness which diverted attention toward his technique. My view of James Brown is that, like Duke Ellington, he was a ‘True Bandleader’ - the place he defined for himself was IN rather than On Top of the band. His coive was part of, rather than apart from the instrumental matrix. On the other hand, M jackson’s singing demonstrated the interspersal I find in Larry’s work … IMO, Jackson’s ‘tour de force’ instrument was his control of vocalised in and out breaths which became, within his presentation of the lyrical text, an independent yet perfectly integrated instrument.

Larry, I feel to be decidedly in the Duke Elington style of leadership - his instrumental capabilities bear allegiance only to the song-as-a-whole. At the moment, this is to be witnessed, I believe, only on Hunger and specifically supportive and harmonic instruemtns with which he accompanies his daughter in their traditional Christmas Songs. I am fortunate to the party to the previews of his next work.

All the best

  1. Stop with the ass-kissing. I’m honored to be working with you, Glyn. :laughing:

  2. There is no way I could finish this song without vocals, and my vocals suck. So I’ve really done nothing if - at the end of the day - I would have nothing to deliver on my own.

Any twins are better than the twins I’m currently dating. :smiley:

Can’t keep it in, try Cialis! :wink: :laughing:

Just to be clear - to avoid hijacking this thread, should I be talking about the song or the twins?

I thought that was for those who couldn’t keep it up.

For those who can’t keep it in …

Hi there Larry :slight_smile:

Looking very much forward to hearing it.
Glyn is just incredible on vocal.

All the best, Kim

ROTFL, guess you’re right! :laughing:

hehe :slight_smile:

I respect you a lot as a guitarist so I’m hoping you’ll like the riffing I do too. :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can say is this song better be damn good what with all this set up! :sunglasses:

perhaps it’s a cover of 4’ 33" - 12" version . 9’ 45"

I’m guaranteed a lot of downloads at the very least. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lauren (wife) heard a preview of the song as I was adjusting levels and stuff. She asked where I got a copy of the new theme for Starsky and Hutch. :imp: It’s a funk piece so I know it’s a bit dated but c’mon…