I can't monitor the sound when recording audio~Cubase pro 8

If anyone knows the reason,please help me.
I can see the meter moves properly,and the waves can be seen.So the sound is recorded.I can hear the audio after recording.BUT I can never monitor the sound when recording.I almost give up.

WIN7 64bit
Tascam FW1884

have you clicked the loudspeaker icon on the track you wish to monitor whilst recording? You’ll need to un-click it once you’ve finished or you’ll not hear the playback.

Alternatively, is there not a monitor mix on your audio interface? I don’t know the Tascam FW1884 but my Tascam (and most other interfaces) have a knob that allows to to mix input and out-put so you can monitor the input before it gets to the DAW.

In many situations the program Preference “tapemachine style” is a good choice.

You will no longer have to care for the Brown Monitor button.

See the Manual for how it works.

Cheers, Ernst