I can't move faders with the arrow keys in the MixConsole

In Cubase 6, when I selected a track, I could move the fader up and down by pressing the up/down arrow keys on my keyboard. When I try this with Cubase 7, the selection rectangle moves up and down. Is there a preference somewhere to change this? I hunted around but didn’t find one.

Aloha d,

I noticed the same thing. I now have to use ‘modifier’ keys along
with the arrow keys to get the same fader behavior as C6.5

I have to now use the:
‘Shift and Command’ keys along with the ‘Up/Down’ arrow keys.
(because I am on a Mac)

I believe on a PC you would use ‘Shift and Control’ modifier keys
(but don’t quote me on that. :slight_smile:)

This new behavior is a bummer on stage but in the studio
I can now get to other functions easier; like the ‘Pan’ function etc
and use the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ arrow keys to make changes.

Like with all computers, everything it seems is a trade off.

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks. Bummer! Is there any way to switch back to not require the modifier keys?

Because I’d love to not have to use two hands to move a fader :wink:

Like you, I have not found a way.

Perhaps you could make this a sort of
(return to previous state) ‘feature request’.

Check here:

Good luck

a better question would be to ask the developers not to change the existing keyboard shortcuts.

And if they do have to change them then let their customers know.

When I am working with client time is critical and customers really do not and should not care about some new idea from the Steinberg water-cooler.

When they change the keyboard shortcuts is it too difficult to tell us? I doubt it! :smiley:

Still really upset about this. I regularly used to select multiple tracks and move all the faders together with the up/down arrow keys. Even with Ctrl+Shift+Arrow, it only moves the fader of one of the group of selected tracks.

How do I move all the selected faders at once in the mixconsole?

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