I cant open older Nuendo 4.3 projects on Cubase 8!

Hi, first, i am from Uruguay, and my english is really really bad :slight_smile: sorry, but my problem its the next

I have older sessions of nuendo 4.3 (.npr) and i wanna buy cubase 8 pro, but I REALLY NEED work on the npr sessions, i install a trial of cubase 8 elements and I CANT open .npr projects, is normal?

if i buy Cubase pro 8, i cant open npr projects too? i can believe it, what i do now?

Thanks and sorry for the language, i only speak spanish :slight_smile:


I would say, the project is open, but you can’t see any window (mainly Project window), am I right? In this case, select any workspace, from the Workspaces menu of Cubase 8, please. Project (and other relevant window/s) should appear.

If I’m wrong, could you describe it more precisely, please?

Opening of Nuendo 4 projects is officially supported in Cubase Pro 8. See Compatibility and interchangebility of project files article on Steinberg’s Knowledge Base web page, please.

Hi, no, the problem is before.
I cant open the file, y select a npr file but i cant open it, the file its in grey color, and i cant dual click, and i change the extension of the .npr to .cpr, and cubase says this.

Here some screenshots, with the .npr extension, later with de .cpr extension, and later the warning