I can't open the audioconnections file

When i use Wavelab Pro 11 the program does not work, i says that my audio connections isn’t working on these settings.
When i open the audio connections the program stops complete.
What can i do?


Is this a bought WL 11 or demo, what kind of audio interface
Mac or PC !?

regards S-EH

It is an update for a Wavelab Pro 10 so i bought it .
I use a UR22C audio interface on a PC

It works fine on the WL 10 Pr0 but i can’t open the Audio Connections from the WL 11 Pro,
I keep getting the message : The audio card output could not be set to this samplerate : 44 100 HZ

That is very different from your initial issue, it seems. This is what you normally see when trying to play a file that is a different sample rate from the audio interface’s. A sample rate converter should work here, or you should be able to change the sample rate on your audio interface’s control panel.

But do you still have the original issue from post #1?

Yes i still have the same problem, when opening the audio connections Wavelab stops.

So i can’t set the audio connections to my audio interface.
When working the same soundfile with WL10 Pro there is no problem.

Using WaveLab 11.0.20 ?

Yes i do use WL 11.0.20
and WL 10
And Cubase 11

This could be an ASIO driver issue.

Look in the registry at this key:

WaveLab will try to load these drivers at startup.
You could try to temporarily remove these keys to see if that changes something.
One solution is to erase the CLSID variable.
Later, whether you paste the values again, to restore the info. You could also reinstall the drivers.

No both does not work. what more can i do?

Further on i can’t see in the Steinberg Download assistent the Wavelab Pro 11 sign
Only the Cubase 11 and the Wavelab Pro10
On the other hand i can see in my account both the Cubase 11 and the Wavelab Pro 11

In the download assistent one can see the products that you have bought.

In mine I can see only Cubase 11 and Wavelab Pro 10.

So I can’t see the Wavelab Pro 11 that I’ve bought.

Please contact the official steinberg support then. I don’t think the download manager (if you have the latest version), is limited to the product you have bought.

Ok thank you! I will contact them
With Kind regards,

My Download Assistant shows C11 and WL9.5 which I can’t seem to change and yep, I own WLPro11. I’ve just uninstalled it and will now upload a fresh version. I let you know how this goes…

OK, STILL THE SAME after the download of a fresh Assistant. It’s been this way forever, so I assumed everybody was experiencing this.

Wavelab is not listed under “My Products”, that’s normal for the moment…

Forget about “MyProducts” and open the “WaveLab” section, to reach usable WaveLab versions.