I can't open vst connect performer inside cubase, how do I do it?

Hi, I need to know how to open the vst connect in cubase

Hi and Welcome, there is a menu entry inside Cubase. It’s called “VST Cloud”. Have a look there, please. It should give you the entry point for VST Connect SE/PRO.

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Thanks for the answer, I don’t see VST Cloud in cubase

… which Cubase version are you running? Which version of VST Connect are trying to load?

Cubase 11.0 - VST CONNECT PERFORMER 5.5.0

VST Connect Performer 5.5 is the application. VST Connect PRO 5.5 needs Cubase Pro 11. VST Connect SE 5 is part of Cubase Pro 11. If you don’t have a “VST Cloud” menu entry I guess you have Cubase Elements, AI or LE 11. And those versions cannot run VST Connect SE/PRO.

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I have cubase 11 PRO and it does not appear, is there another way to open vst connect within cubase other than through VST Cloud

… all Cubase Pro 11 version should have a VST Cloud menu. If not, we have a problem. Could you please start your “eLicenser Control Center” application? You see now all of your licenses. Please create a screenshot, add it here or send it to me (m.spork (at) steinberg (.) de)
… and yes, you can add it manually. Read more here

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VST Connect Performer is not opened inside of Cubase. It is simply not possible.
It’s a separate app that is used from the performer’s computer (freely downloadable) or iPad (paid for app).