I cant play chord pads

Hello. Why i cant play chord pads?
record enable for monitored track is enabled. If i enable “monitor” button there is the same situation.

I recently had a hickup where all my settings were ok, but chords pads did not react. I reloaded the project and it worked again.

How to route it? In chord track “retrologue pad” track is set as monitored.

I thik it sometimes work, sometimes not (on other computer)
Now (on this machine) reloading project doesnt work.
Also i loaded song made on my second computer, where i used chord track. Now pads doesnt work too.

i’ve never use it before for chord track, but i will try it tomorwow

It seems like it works. But i needed to reload project.

I will test it tomorrow on other computer.

You did, though, if only because that’s the way it works. Most likely the midi track input was set to All MIDI Inputs at that time.

thank you steve!