i can't re-activate my cubase license

I buy the ur 22mk II Recording pack one year ago, and I installed it on windows, now I bought a mac and I want to reactivate my license, I did all the procedures but the Steinberg website or Elicenser did not generate a new license number . Does anyone know how to fix it?

if you already have activated your software on your e-licenser you don’t get or need a new serial. just plug the e-licenser on your mac and install the mac software on that computer. should work just fine.

one of the easy things about having a dongle, you can use any compatible computer - just plug, install and run on any computer

Hi thanks for your answer, I don’t have a Dongle :frowning:

Have you followed the Re-activation instructions here?

Yes, but I downloaded version 11, and I think I had version 10. That is why I can’t reactivate it?

What do you see in your MySteinberg account? If you registered your old Soft-eLicenser, it should show your previously available license(s).

If your new installation of the eLicenser Control Center is not showing a Soft-eLicenser number, you might need to go through this procedure …

Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container) is missing – Steinberg Support

Yes, If you have already activated version 10 you can’t switch to 11 without paying for the upgrade.