I can't re-download my products?

I bought Halion Sonic, Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance a month ago, and the PC I installed everything on doesn’t support dual DVI displays, so I am selling it and building a new PC. I have all the disks that came with Cubase 6 but Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance were downloads.

So I click the login to the shop link they emailed me with my online order product serials, and I can review my invoice, but when I click the Download link it says “MY DOWNLOADS You currently have no downloads available.”

Is that a problem with the website? Or Steinberg company policy that customers only can download once? :astonished:

Or can I just install the trial and use the license still in eLicencer? :slight_smile:

Days later, no reply from support ticket I submitted. :cry:

Thanks for any insight.

Wow I always answer my own question.

This is a horrifying bad practice. You should really re-think this Steinberg. Seriously? Who does that?

Message: “… no downloads available”
I am receiving the message “You have no downloads available”.
If you have successfully placed an order and are now receiving this error message, these might be the reasons:
Your order dates back longer than 14 days. In this case the download period may have expired. Contact our customer service department to get further information about how to re-download your software.

Why wouldn’t you have backed up your downloaded installers in at least a couple different safe locations?

Did you contact customer service to see if you could get another download?

It’s always someone else’s fault … :unamused:

Yes you can re-download your product. I had to do so a while back. I believe I just contacted “Asknet” and they made the download visible again. It only took about 2 minutes. I learned my lesson to save the download files.