I cant record audio Nuendo 10.3.0

Hello all,

Please help, I’m stumped. like many of you, Ive been with this program since Nuendo 4.

My system is a 2012 MacBookPro. 2.9 Ghz i7. 16 gig.

I recently upgraded to Nuendo 10.

Im currently using 48 channels of Dante in a live setting.
All of my settings are correct in Nuendo and subscribed in Dante but when in record, i see no activity on my meters.
I thought maybe it is in fact Dante and changed my audio connections and driver to use the internal mic on the computer and i have the same result.
I even went back to Nuendo 8 and have the same result.

I then went to my backup program (Studio 1 v3) and everything recorded fine. Im perplexed!

Thanks in advance

No OS mentioned, so just a guess…
Give Nuendo 10 access to the microphone…? Several posts on the forums and in the Steinberg knowledge base.

Sorry Mojave 10.14.6
Unfortunately, Nuendo has access to the mic.
As i stated in my post, No audio thru Dante as well.

Check your routing in Dante. IF your backup DAW seems fine, that might not be where the issue is… but check anyways.

Check your routing inside Nuendo after that. This is probably where it is not correct.

Did labelling change? Did anything else change inside Nuendo?

You mention no “live” metering. Does anything actually get recorded? Or is it recording silence?

Also check the Dante Controller and Sample Rate. Sometimes the Dante Controller gets a little bit confused while changing something at the devices on the fly.

There is also an important „new“ security setting on newer OS. You have to allow third party software to get access under System preferences – security – bottom half. Maybe you can see that Audinate or Steinberg doesnt have access.

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