I can't record my synth in Cubase whereas I absolutely can with Audacity for example

I recently got a Jupiter-6, a VEEERY expensive piece of vintage equipement.
It goes without saying that i obviously want to be able to record it.
I plugged the (unfortunately) mono output to the mic/audio-in jack port on my laptop and was able to succesfully record the synth. As it was the first Roland product to support MIDI, i tried playing some licks and stuff in Cubase to see if that worked as well, it did, both in, out, and thru, fully DAW-controllable keyboard with both channels for its upper and lower key splits. Now the next step would be to start making songs with it, it sounds so good ! But here’s the problem : No matter which audio entry i take, Cubase won’t record anything. In audacity, I can choose the “Realtek HD Audio Input” audio entry and it will record just fine, in mono. But in Cubase I haven’t got this entry. I have “HD Audio Stereo Input 1 (Mono)” and “HD Audio Stereo Input 2 (Mono)”. I’ve done some menu digging and I found no other entry available apart from “Intel Smart Sound 1 (Mono)” and “Intel Smart Sound 2 (Mono)” which even in Audacity don’t record anything. It this a Cubase problem, an ASIO driver problem, or am I maybe too dumb to properly steup the wiring ??? Have you got any advice ?

It sounds like you do not have a dedicated audio interface and instead using an on-board interface.
What ASIO driver are you using? ASIO4All?



Can you post a screenshot of your Studio Setup, please?

(“éteint” means “off”)

I guess that looks fine. Have you configured your input/output buses?

Yes, they’re wired, everything’s fine on that side. I highly suspect my capricious ASIO driver to be the problem since IT can’t be bothered to read any signal in the first place AND refuses to work altogether if my browser is running in the background… The Windows ASIO driver is much better, always works, but its latency is scheisse and it only allows one output and zero input (for now. ?)
Are there any free or not costly alternatives ?

Not really. Most people have an external audio interface for serious work and tend not to use the inbuilt audio especially for recording.

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I think when having expensive vintage synths, spending hundred bucks or so on a reasonably proper USB audio interface isn’t the worst idea. Or is the music budget reserved for synth maintenance and repair? :wink:

Ok, i see. I’ll look into external audio intefaces. Thank you !