I cant Record with Cubase AI4

Hi There
Im New To the Music Scene I was Gifted Fl Studios 9 and Cubase AI4 for Xmas

I have my cubase Set up with 1 cord from my sound card to my computer.

I can also hear tracks I drop into cubase but unfortunately I cannot Record voice to my Tracks nor can i get any audio sound for my mic…

I am new And dont understand the programme as yet. but I seriously need Help Recording… ive browsed youtube and other places but Nothing seems to work… Some one please help me with my problem.

Thank you

First off, all its always good to post your computer and sound card due to the hundreds of differing configurations out there.

Second, It’s also very good to read through the getting started manual and sound card manual as they usually detail how to set them up in a clear and precise way.

Third, make sure you connections within cubase are setup correctly and you have selected the correct driver for your sound card within cubase.

Forth, Hi and welcome :smiley: