I can't remove files in the hub in Cubase 11

Right click on a file name in the hub at startup and you see the “remove file” command.
Click on it and … nothing happens.
It used to work but now it doesn’t.

already reported (many, many, many times :slight_smile: )

Oops! Sorry about that? I did a brief search but apparently I worded it badly …

Remove this if necessary, mods, please! :grin:

no worries :slight_smile:

An accessible page with reported issues and their status ? wink wink :smiley:

feel free to start one :slight_smile: It’s a user forum after all (and I mean that seriously!)

SB have never been forthcoming with the ‘status’ part - I suspect they feel it tends to set an expectation those things will be fixed…and often they are not ! Although I’m sure this one will be.

Yeah well I meant something more official that comes from SB.
There is already one big thread although super tricky to browse because it is not organized. I agree that probably this sets expectations, but there are things like these, probably ‘easy wins’ that would improve a lot the user experience. And again I know that this will not make a super exciting market news “we fixed the right click remove files” but at least would be something useful done for everyone.
I am not aware of the human scale of SB and their mandate so I expect (perhaps erroneously) that they work the same way as the companies I deal with every day (Autodesk, Side FX, Adobe etc.)

by all means suggest it - but I (personally) think it’s unlikely (for various reasons)

Like you I have many (many many) years of experience of Autodesk/SideFX and I don’t think they are as transparent as you suggest. Adobe are particularly bad.

Autodesk/Adobe are on a vastly different scale to SB too.

Adobe is very bad yes :smiley:
Autodesk depends on the type of contract you have with them at least in the development area they are pretty much transparent with us.
Without saying too much I got 25+ tickets fixed (that personally logged) that include not only fixes but improvements and suggestions. And at the moment I am participating in this special program to improve the user experience of Maya, where we literally discuss and suggest features and they are implementing them exactly as requested. If it looks surprising I was too :smiley:

I agree support is better from Autodesk - it’s the transparency that I take issue with…but I leave that one there …

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