I can't save presets in groove agent se

cubase 7.5.20 - the last update
win 8.1 64bit - intel core i7 4700mq - 2.40gh- 8gb ram

I can’t save presets in groove agent se
i tried to restart cubase again - stil the same problem :confused:
i tried to restart my computer - stil the same problem :frowning:
i tried to make a new project and start all over - stil the same problem :cry: :cry: :cry:


Same here. Preesets are not saved. Any solution?

Trash your cubase prefs. Of course make sure you back them up first.


In my case it is a fresh install, and problem is the same in 32 and 64 bit Cubase. How can trashing preferences be the solution for fresh install?

Ok just trying to help.

When I upgraded to 7.5 my preferences were copied from 7 but of course there is no SE 4 in Cubase 7 so don’t know what happened.
When I tried to save a preset it would open the save box but not direct to the correct folder, hence would not save. The only way I could save was with the export function.
After a couple of days tried trashing prefs and letting Cubase rebuild from scratch and it worked. Only using 64bit so don’t know about 32.

Yes, Mrhehon, you were right. It was a preferences error. I checked defaults.xml file and it pointed to a wrong location. Why? Yes, I remember I copied preferences from the old install, to keep settings. Install path was a bit different with new install, because I used new user name for computer.

So, I deleted defaults.xml, and everything seems to be working fine now, I can save presets again.

Thnx for help.

I found my solution. It happened only on VST3 plugins. I had to turn off the “hidden” status of subfolders and files under Documents/VST3 Presets.