I can't see the mix console in Cubase 13

**I don’t see my mix console. I tried to reinstall cubase 13, but nothing worked. Who has a problem? Who solved it? **

Hi have u set up any tracks yet as your picture would suggest not. I assume the mix console will only show if u have tracks assigned?

It looks like you’re trying to make it visible in a new window — which doesn’t work.

Unless you haven’t added any tracks yet, like The_Doc1 said, in which case…DOH!

But there were no such problems in Cubase12. After pressing F3, the MixConsole opened without any problems! Everything worked great. I’m having problems in Cubase 13.

I didn’t have these problems in Cubase 12. This problem appeared in Cubase 13. After pressing f3, Cubase 12 displayed a console that displayed the settings. Now this is not the case.

Sorry, I should have said: It doesn’t work yet. It’s a bug.

I discovered it myself. It’s well known and we’re waiting for a fix. :slight_smile:

FYI: I opened a demo project that was made in C9.5 was able to open the console in a separate window without hassles. Guess it just needs to be reminded of how it’s supposed to work. :slight_smile: DAWmentia.

I have no problems opening the console in a separate window in previous versions of Cubase. Version 13 doesn’t do this. Maybe it doesn’t work on mac? I wrote to other groups, people were fine.

Actually, I was working in my PC today — whereas I discovered the problem on my Mac. So maybe I spoke too soon. Either way, they’re working on a fix for this.