I can't see vst external instrument tab

I can’t see the vst external instrument tab under Vst connections. I only have input and output.
I’d like to have the external instrument tab to be able to route the audio signal of my Yamaha MOXF keyboard using it’s VST Editor.
I am running Cubase 8 AI

Probably a limitation of the AI version.
Anyhow you don’t need it anyway, just add a instrument track and use the MOXF editor as vst instrument.
I am unable to get it to work with instrument Rack, but it works here with a instrument Track.
You will have to configure the input/output inside the MOXF editor as the MOXF has an onboard sound card.
That part confused me the most, but I’m running 3 separate sound cards, if you are running the MOXF as your only sound card it should be easy enough. Look up the input/output settings of the MOXF editor in the manual.