I can't seem to delete automation lanes.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

In C6 you could right click and delete the whole automation track. I can’t do that now in 7.

You must click on the name box of the automation lane, in the track column.
Then a dropdown menu appears where you can find the function : “Remove (name of parameter) Automation”

So let’s say you have opened the volume automation lane.
Then click on the box where it says “Volume”
A dropdown menu appears where you can find “Remove Volume Automation”

Hope this helps,


I have struggled with this in C7 too, seemed easier in previous versions? to just remove it

To be honest I need to get in the habit of disbling ‘write’ when I’m done automating something, as I leave it on and tweak parameters whilst in play, and end up with 10 lanes of automation I can’t delete :confused:

all good fun :sunglasses:

I use NI Traktor to dj. One of the things that absolutely drives me nuts is when a SW maker decides to remove useful features or instances of basic functions.
Leaves you scratching your head as to why they would remove a basic functionality part.

Select Automation Track>Right Click>Delete Selected Track.
That was it.
Select Automation Track>Open Automation Panel>Click Funtions>Delete X

While yes, it’s just 2 extra clicks, with all the extra clicks adding up that extends time and decreases workflow… :neutral_face:

Oh cool. Thank you.

This has been what’s foxed me, its a left click on the automation name, and you get all the edit functionality you need

Think it used to be a right click…? Well I’m sure I used to right click to delete a line of automation (delete selected track) Cant remember for sure but I know its changed…I do like it, now I know how it works :smiley:

but I had the same problem

**oh nice!..You are right!

That’s more like it,
Now that I see what they did here I can definitely say they DID NOT remove functionality but expanded it.

What!? They just moved it and added some more functionality…I can definitely agree with that!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to first select Remove from the pop-up menu on the ‘Automation Name’ button.
Then you need to also delete the track. (Right-Click and ‘Remove selected track’ or Click on the Name button again and select ‘Remove Unused Parameters’.