I can't seem to get my ur22c going- can't figure it out, any help?

Please help!!
Tryin to download urc pks (tools /driver) for my new computer so can use my ur22c for guitar interface and general sound. I have all the latest windows 11 updates.

After I download, unzip and run all the boxes to check off within the installer are greyed out. When I try to run any of the steinberg apps I get prompt saying files are not in folders or something like that. Ive never had a problem like this and cannot figure this out…anyone???


ok im not drinking martinis now…lol

I am just trying to install steinberg usb driver now and I cant. It downloads and starts the install process but at every turn says cant find the path to install. then shows this ??? C:\ProgramData\Yamaha_Uninstaller{B6CD11F4-0203-4DBB-B85B-7A72CA7CD647}\

I am super confused. i cant be the only person with this problem.

Maybe its a windows issue or an edge issue, although I downloaded it from google too. I also shut off my defender smart screens. what am I missing??

0k im back on the martinis lol and still nuthin?!?

Hurry peeps its almost 5 oclock. Then its martini time and ill never get this driver load… wtf! I tried to install an older yamaha usb driver and it said a newer driver is already is installed on this computer. Where? How come it wont recognize?