I can't simply record ....


I now have a UR22, cubase AI 7 and running on windows 8. Have the audio cables connected, 1 midi (need to buy another) and all going through the UR22 audio interface. I press record, but simply can’t get any sound out… anyone there able to help me as this is driving me mad! I just want to get a sound from my piano into the cubase…

This could be any number of things. Are you getting an audio signal in cubase - on the transport bar for example?

Just a reminder to activate the track “monitor” button to hear sound during recording.

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Thanks so much both for your reply. Yes, I have put the speaker sound so I can hear. And yes, it now says that audio in and out are connected, which it didn’t before I had the audio interface box…not sure if that is the transport bar, but seems to be recognising the audio now…?

I have worked this one out now - thanks all