I can't turn off adaptive voicing

When using the chord pads I don’t want the voicing to change. I have turned off adaptive voicing and locked the pad but still the voicing depends on the previous chord. How do I stop this ?


If you disable Adaptive Voicing, it shouldn’t be depended on the previous chord. What Cubase version exactly do you have, please?

Version 8.5. I am not actually sure it is dependent on the chord. All I can say the chord doesn’t use the same inversion every time I play it.


Do you have the latest update 8.5.15, please?

Hmmm, then it’s wrong, if you really switch the Adaptive Voicing Off, and Lock it. Could you send a screenshots, please?

it is the latest version. I have been playing with it and I think it is something to do with the keyboard velocity as if I don’t press hard enough I lose some of the chord. How do I turn off the touch sensitive part of the keyboard? I have a keystation mini. I am a guitarist and don’t know the first thing about keyboards.

Looking again I think it has something to do with overlapping. If I play the pads with a gap in between each change it is ok. I notice in the key editior that all the notes overlap on each change and I can’t find a way of stopping that happening.


If you trigger C major, then G major and then release the C major, you can hear D and B of the G major only. The g MIDI Note is switched Off while releasing the C major.

There is a dedicated Mode for the legato.

I don’t understand. Using a kebyoard controller I play C major then G major in real time the same as if I was playing the full chord. The problem is even though I take my finger off the C Key a split second before the G key the notes of the chord overlap and so some of the notes don’t get played.

I have Steinberg Philarmonmci orchestra and when I use the chord pads in that player it works with no problem. It is only the Cubase pads I have problems with


Where do you rote the signal from the Chord Pads?

Thanks that was it. I needed to check the box “Use E as origin for chord assistant” although that makes no sense to me. I can understand if you want adaptive voicing but not if you want the chords to remain the same inversions every time. Anyway it works now so thanks again.