I can't uninstall CUBASE 7.0.3

I got my old PC with W8 32bits that I want to give to my father. Since I got in there some programs that I want to keep (and don’t want to install all again) I’m just uninstalling all my Audio stuff.

Everything was fine until the uninstall of Cubase says “Network error” with C:\WINDOWS\Installer\Cubase7.msi

I just can’t remove cubase! Someone knows what is happening?

pd. This PC doesn’t have internet connection

Well, you can try install it again, and then run another uninstall. Maybe this can fix the uninstall procedure.

Weird… I can’t install any update. The installer shows error writing the library. :confused:

Did you tried to install 7.0.3 update or a newer one (7.0.4 or 7.0.5)? And if you try to install 7.0.2?

Maybe you should contact support.

You can also try Revo Uninstaller Pro (or another one similar) to force an uninstall. But only do this if everything else fails.