I can't update C10 from C7


I have the Cubase 7 Elements and when i installed the update of Cubase 10 Elements it says “Finish” at the end that means that the installation was succesful but the hard disk light keeps on (freezing).

Then i open Cubase and it still has the 7 logo and not 10. So something is wrong.

However I installed succesfully Cubase 10 key.

Can I install the full version of 15gb instead?


Hi and welcome,

Cubase 10 is other executable/application than Cubase 10. So to start Cubase 10, you have to click to Cubase 10 (not Cubase 7) icon. Do you have a Cubase 10 icon on your desktop?

If not, it seems, Cubase 10 has not been installed properly.

What Windows do you use? Could you try to install it again? Make sure the installer is unzipped before you start to install. Make sure you install it as an administrator. And make sure other necessary components are installed (especially Microsoft Redistributable).

Hi and thanks for the reply! I use Cubase since version 1! :slight_smile:

Yes i can’t see the Cubase 10 icon on my desktop.

Yes i tried install it again but the installer not let me choose Cubase 10.

I installed it as an administrator.

I can’t remember if i unzipped or not the installer.

I have Win 10 64bit.


Please try to install again. Make sure you unzip before.

Make a screenshot of the last step, when does it stop to work.

Hi again,

I unzipped the file but still cannot install the update.

I took a screenshot. How i can post it here?


To attach file, click to the Full Editor & Preview button next to the Submit button. Then open the Attachments tab. Click to Add Files and located the files you want to add.

Ok thanks!

Here is the screenshot.


From this I would say it’s installed already.

Maybe but If it was installed i could see it. There is no desktop icon and there is nowhere in my program files. Only C7 Elements.

FYI I purchased Cubase 5 Elements and I updated to Cubase 7 Elements and now i update to Cubase 10 Elements.


Moment… There is an update mentioned in the installer. The update cannot be installed (therefore no changes) is the full Installer had not been installed.

Download and install from the Full Installer, not an update, please.

Now it makes sense! Ok will do tomorrow and i’ll post again.


Cubase 10 Elements installed correctly! :slight_smile:)

Thank you very much for your precious assistance!