I cant upgrade to wavelab pro

hi way back bought update for wavelab 10 pro from elements version never used it now when im trying to upgrade its says there is no availble license in your soft or usb elicenser but i have wavelab elements 11 in my blue usb elc

When you bought the product there should have been an email with the activation code sent to you. True, you don’t need to activate it when you get it, but you should keep this information somewhere. If you didn’t save this email with the activation code then you need to contact Steinberg. However, you may also need to show them a payment reference, PayPal or credit card, something, so have this ready.

Bear in mind, Steinberg recently changed their store purchase partner (Digital River) so that email or payment reference is important. Best of luck, Ankur.

hey i activation code but when i punch its says there is no license for available to be upgrade but i have wavelav elements in it


Go here…

regards S-EH

hey there is no help they direct me to the dealers page and dealer here in INDIA are soo lazy and they don’t know much about e licensing

even there is no option to submit a ticket

Odd. Maybe I haven’t explained things properly.

So, you do have the Steinberg Activation Manager on your DAW? Did you go to My Products page first and enter the emailed code into the ‘Redeem Download Access Code’ window? And then did you put this NEW code into the Download Manager - and when you put in this NEW code, it tells you that there is no license?