I can't use a Behringer X-Touch in WaveLab Elements??

Am I reading this correctly, that any control surface in WaveLab Elements must be made by Steinberg? To use my Behringer X-Touch I have to spend hundreds more for the Pro version? Before I do, are we sure it will support the X-Touch?

If you don’t know the answer to that, do you know if it supports the Mackie Control standard? Thank you.


Have you checked this link…


PG or someone from Steinberg Support can help!

regards S-EH

“Only remote devices from Steinberg are supported.” for element

Thanks. Yes, I saw the statement about Elements only using devices from Steinberg. This is not good.

But I looked in the operation manual for the full version of WaveLab Pro 10, and it’s still unclear how a control surface is supported. I found this statement:

Remote Devices
You can use remote devices to remote-control WaveLab Pro.

Several commands can be controlled with knobs and sliders of your remote control device. For all commands that can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut, a MIDI trigger can also be assigned.

  • which looks promising, but nowhere does it mention Mackie emulation or specific devices supported. This is discouraging. Does anyone here use a Mackie Control Surface, or the Behringer X-Touch, or similar control surface with WaveLab Pro 10? Thanks.

Interested in this too - does X-Touch One work well in WL10 Pro?

I’m using X Touch with Wavelab 10 but there are limitations. I can set the push knob end coders to work with Studio `EQ and set it up in Remote Devices Dialogue, but that does nothing. However I have quite a few good things working. It would be amazing to have full Mackie protocol support though. I can’t understand why it is lacking in WL, Cubase (a lot) and Logic Pro also, although less. It would be such a huge plus.