I can't Use auto-tune mobile Since the last update

I think it really points to the software cubasis 3…
People were already complaining about the same things I stumble upon.

I use auto tune mobile on my vocals it’s the best one yet on the App Store but auto tune mobile is at the moment useless since i updated to 3.1.1.

please give us a decent update…

Hi Hebreww,

Thank you for your message.

From what I see in the App Store, Auto-Tune Mobile seems not been updated since August 2019.
I’d suggest to get in touch with Antares Audio Technologies, LLC to let them know about the issue.

If required, we’re at hand to have them equipped with promo codes for testing purposes.

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

Thank u for your response.
I have just send Antares a email.
And yes you right It’s not been updated but
Still I would say it’s strange that It occurred
Right after the update 3.1.1. Because it worked good.
Now It almost seems like the
Auv3 Section turnt zombie on me since this update.

Bless u Hebreww

If you need an alternative, search for 4Pockets Vocal Harmonizer. It has AutoTune too and a lot of setting to tweak on. :smiley:

Hi Baum2k,

Thank u for this information ! Love is real!

Bless up,

Hi Hebreww,

Auv3 Section turnt zombie on me since this update.

So far, we are unaware of Audio Unit related issues.
If you encounter problems, please let us have a short step description, to allow us reproducing the topic.

Thanks for sharing the app recommendation, baum2k… :slight_smile: