I can't wait for either 7.5.40 or 8.01 to be released!

Except, I can’t make up my mind which I want more!

If they release 8.01 first and the major problems are addressed, I’ll probably do that. Otherwise, I’ll be happy with 7.5.40 for a little while, until they do.

You have to…wait :wink:

So true but might be O.K…

On Mac here and I still have several apps/plugs etc not yet
‘Yosemite’ compatible; so I have to wait anyway.

May turnout to be a good thing tho’.


I was all sad that I couldn’t join the 8.0 Party due to the Mackie Integration Issues . . .

But . . I’m on 7.53 which is a great release and I’m making music and it all works great . . as long as I can stay away from reading about all the WONDERFUL NEW STUFF in the CB8 forum for a while.

It might be saving me some headaches waiting for 8.01 (or whenever my pet issue is straitened out).