I can't write to Steinberg Support


I need to write an email to the support team, but when I try to create a ticket from my MySteinberg account, it redirects me to Steinberg’s website homepage. Is it possible to resolve this issue or to give me another way to contact them, please? :sos: Thanks a lot!

You can always post the problem here.

Well, I just need to ask for some invoices from my previous purchases for accounting purposes… :sweat_smile:

Can you not download them from the link in the emails?

(I don’t know whether Asknet closing down will have any effect on this.)

No, unfortunately, the link in the emails now redirects to Steinberg’s products page… :nerd_face:

Try sending your request via email to info at steinberg dot de.

Thank you very much @dspreadbury, I’ve just sent an email!