I Could Use Some Clarification With C9.5 Audio Processing

So I don’t really understand what happened with the audio processing. As an example: Before the last upgrade, I could select a section of audio, hit a key command, and raise the gain of the selection by, say, 2 dB. If it still wasn’t loud enough, I could click it a second time and raise the gain another 2 dB, and so on. Now it seems that I can still increase the gain to the degree I want the first time, but I can’t do it the second time without closing out of the offline processing window, re-opening it, and completing the entire step again. This seems like a major pain in the ass. Am I missing something, or has it really been changed for the worse? Thanks.

Judging by the lack of response, I presume this is only happening to me, so I guess I’m on my own.

no, you would just reset to a greater amount. It’s not any more or less steps, it’s a matter of keeping/not keeping an adjustment.