I created a mess - Help

I have 32 bit C6 and 64 bit on the same machine. I got tired of the VST Bridge crashes when running some of my
plugins that r not 64 bit. The problem is I moved some of these plugins out of the 64 bit folder and thought I put them back into the 32 folder. I didn’t. Don’t know where they are but…I need the path where the plugins go…

Aloha T,

Since you can’t locate hose plugs,
I would say a simple re-install would help.

That way in a few minutes you get everything back
where it belongs.


They go in a folder called VstPlugins in the Steinberg Folder (Program Files (X86)) for 32 bit on 64 bit OS

For the missing plugs do a search for .dll (may give a lot of results but you should be able to tell whats what!)