I did not see a function of the SY77 in halion 7

I saw that there were in Halion 7 the algos of the SY77, but I did not see a function of the SY77.

In the TG77 that I still have, I didn’t see in Halion7 the possibility to put a sample in an FM operator by the FM operator loop. Am I missing something or is this not implemented?

In a future version maybe?

This is not implemented as far as I know. Basically the whole (Realtime Convolution and Modulation) feature is not.

I’m not sure FM synthesis falls into the category of convolution synthesizers?
Can you explain to me?
Or is this function just convolutional?

Well, that’s just what Yamaha called the interaction between AFM and AWM2 back then - RCM. This allowed to modulate AFM oscillators with AWM2 sample waveforms. It probably does use convolution in some form.

I think it never proved to be very popular and was not used beyond the SY/TG77 and SY99 as far as I know.

So in Halion 7, you basically just have the AFM part of those synths.