I didn't know there was a Cubase 7.5.40 update available!

Just happened across it in a thread…no mention of it in the C7 forum where i would expect to be informed of an update… :confused:

you are right, thats sneaky!!! waaasup wid dat? tell the world - no?

Just when I thought they were making some progress with their customer service communications.

Amazing, seriously! :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses:

Where’s the announcement? Or is this yet another spoof?

nevermind… I found it… http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=76049

Its in the downloads area as it should be, but someone at SB forgot to update their announcements. :laughing:

And don’t you think it’s a rather sad indictment of whoever is supposed to look after this forum…this thread has been here for a few days now and the C7 part of the forum still does not have the update announcement… :frowning:

maybe there is a CP8 update out there somewhere that we don’t know about :laughing:

I really doubt anyone actually looks after this Forum, as I look once again at a phantom new message that shows every time I log on, that’s been there for 2yrs or so, even after requests to fix it :imp:

Sparky died and they haven’t told us… :unamused:

Where oh where is Chris B? :laughing:

What ? Close this one now grrrrrrr

I’m here, and also surprised that they didn’t made an official announcement.



Hope you are doing well. You certainly had some influence here. :sunglasses:

Hope you’re well, Chris!

Maybe the ‘team’ is enjoying a ‘beerandbratworstfest’ somewhere… :wink:.

I’m not, staff have lives and don’t need to be mollycoddling people around.

It’s up to end users to search regularly for updates to their favorite programs.

I don’t think it would be “mollycoddling people around” to post about updates on their own forum. Ridiculous statement :unamused: .

I don’t think it would be “mollycoddling people around” to post about updates on their own forum. Ridiculous statement :unamused: .[/quote]

agreed, it’s not a case of mollycoddling…it’s a case of maintaining their their own site…which they obviously cannot do because they still have not put the update on the C7 forum…given that all other updates have been announced in the appropriate forum it seems reasonable to keep yer eye on that bit and expect them to do their job…yeah :exclamation:

Molly cuddling??? Well, in that case, we shouldn’t expect any announcement on any updates. they actually went the extra mile to tell us 8.10 will be out in march and not Feb, as initially intended, hey thats enough. no need to tell when they actually release it I suppose. We just have to search for it.

i can only think that all relevant issues with 7.5.3 could not be addressed so they quietly threw 7.5.4 at us … and and done a runner!!

if you are allowed to think negative, can steinberg really blame you for raising concerns?

no mods to at least acknowledge? that would be nice f it happened, just a couple of lines from a mod and this thread is will be dead. we move on. simple.

They (SB staff) likely went the extra mile re: 8.1 because that is the product they are selling not 7.5

Users should be thankful that previous products are supported long after their productive lives have expired and not complain when they are left out of the loop since something more exciting is on the table, namely Cubase 8.

err 7.5 didn’t work as advertised hence the updates. still a paid for product though, if what you suggest above is true then why an announcement on another forum by SB affiliates?

personally? i was waiting for 7.5.4. …can’t speak for others.

but i see the logic to move forward with a new product as a going concern.

ps - its not a dictatorship, we users can complain if we want to. we have a right not to be thankful too! if anyone listens to users moaning? now that is a different matter.

should we have a vote?

Probably a good way of avoiding download bottlenecks.

This thread was likely created the moment the update was released :sunglasses:

External fora is a completely different matter.

If you want more autonomy, self-regulation in this world; then we need to start behaving like adults.