I didn't receive the free update for Cubase LE 12 (from my LE 11)


I contacted Steinberg’s USA Support about this issue already. They can not help me out. They told me that my email is not found in their member (but I use the same email to signed in, activating the product, logging-in website and bahbahbah…).

According to the free update of Cubase LE11 to LE12 article, I own the LE 11 version (which came along with my Zoom H5). But I don’t have any mail for that. So may you send me that free update ?
(my steinberg’s asscount is the same as this account which posting the topic)

Hello, this is a user forum, so we cannot give you any license.
But I had the same issue, I didn’t get any email about the LE12 update, and the reason for that was that I didn’t register my version at steinberg.net. If you don’t do that, SB cannot know that you own an LE version.
You can check whether your version is registered in your Account at Sign in, “Show Elicenser based products”. If it is not there, you need to register it under “register ELicenser”.

After I did that, I simply opened a support request from my account (make sure to select “Registration, activation or licensing issue”), and I received the v12 license shortly after.

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thanks for helping me.
my license is showing as “Cubase LE” under the ‘eLicensers’.
but I don’t have the free update.
Besides, that member page is not allowed me to open a support request. It force me to contact the local dealer (Which is YAMAHA) and they can not help me with this issue.
IDK how to do next. (cryin)

Contact them again, send them a screenshot of your account (and maybe your eLicenser) with the proof that you own a valid LE11 license, and that you are eligible for an update to 12 according to the Steinberg document (maybe send them a link to that, too, to remind them).
If they still can’t help you, ask them to direct your request to Steinberg headquarters.
Hope it works out for you!

thanks, I will try that.