I dislike Halion 4

Why, because I find it over bloated and not very intuitive. It also seems that I’ve got to ditch my 19" monitor just to accomodate it. Does anyone else feel this way?

I have dual 24" displays, one of them pivoted and I find Halion 4 a God send in that regard. If you only have one smaller monitor, I can see how this would be a bit of a pain.

I LOVE Halion 4. I just hate it’s sample importing system. No viewable browser is a pain in the ass and always having to bring it up via a hotkey combo is a major workflow killer. I don’t like how it does not have native E-Mu or Akai sample disc reading and no timestretch functionality sets it behind other software samplers on the market. If the above is remedied, I think Halion 4 will be the bees knees!

The user interface is very user definable, you should try to design a workspace that suits your needs. This is something I really like about Halion 4.

I like that element

Well I like Halion 4 a lot. It’s maybe a bit daunting on first look, but I’m starting to feel at home with it now. It’s light years ahead of the old Halion and a great upgrade in my opinion.

I think it does need to have timestretch and other innovative features added, and some rough edges in user friendliness smoothed out, if it is going to challenge or win over users from Kontakt. It will be an uphill battle as Kontakt has been the sampler of choice for a long while now with a large user base. I think it’s indicative from the comparative inactivity on this forum that the uptake of H4 will be quite slow.

But it’s a great instrument and here’s hoping Steinberg stick with it and turn it into the best soft sampler out there.

+1. I completely agree. This forum is completely dead, both from end users and support team, except for Nico and Marcus and even then it is quite seldom. Halion 4 really is great, but rough around the edges in user friendliness on some regards (sample import) and no timestretching will definitely keep hardcore dedicated Kontakt users away. With there not even being a single patch release for Halion 4 yet, I am still hopefully more will be brought to the table for us in the future. I don’t regret my purchase at all and also feel right at home with it now. Light years ahead in functionality and looks compared to Halion 3 is an understatement.

H4 is a great software and offers alot and above for musicians to work with in there projects, timestretch, split, slice,
I agree would raise H4 game I really hope there are plans to integrate these features in any updates or patches to make H4 complete.

untill then or when ? we will need to use cubase for the said features, can be a flow killer but the drive should keep you moving.

yep loving H4 loads


Roll on the next maintenance/features update!

+1 timestretch is a must

importing system is really s…k :frowning: please make this more user friendly please :slight_smile:

Yup, I have a few [FEAT REQ] threads about this very thing. Not much love or support on any of them I’m afraid.