I do believe Steinberg's turning around the disaster

I was one of the lucky ones and managed to update very early doors on the 11th but i can imagine how users would feel if the licences had just disappeared.
Anyway this is about the update , i bet now the update is being installed there will be a lot of happy customers which will redeem Steinberg from the chaos yesterday . Ive had about 12 hours on the Update and the only issue i have had is the continuing lockup with AA plugins but for what i use Cubase for this is one of, if not the most stable .0 release i have had in 30 years .

So if anyone out there in the other DAW environments were laughing about the shambolic server they will be laughing on the otherside of their faces with the quality of this release once it hits the mainstream .
As you may guess im slightly impressed SO FAR

Happy Friday folks enjoy :smiley:

Well done Steiny

Don’t jinx it man! :laughing:

Nothing to jinx , nothing else to install :wink:


Yes I agree. I was also early in the door so haven’t had to deal with the server issue. Super impressed with how solid and slick Cubase 11 feels.

the eLicenser upgraded successfully but now there is no 10.5 license available to upgrade, where has my license 10.5 license gone?