I do go on working with DORICO

Hi everybody,
I’m tired of reading all your posts that meanwhile have nothing in common with my probs mentioned in my starting thread :unamused:

The more I use Dorico, the more problems fade :smiley:

I surely was too fast with my critical view, but switching from Sibelius to DORICO is - due to SIB behaviours - sometimes not that easy…

Because of this, I will definitely leave my former thread!!!

Greets Peter (looking forward to a manual and forum in German)

This was quite a literary thread: narrative, plot twists, hero’s journey!


Happy to read you. Do ask here when you have a problem with Dorico, we will be glad to help if we can, and if not, Daniel, Ulf or Paul will certainly provide you with a very precise explanation :wink:

May I second Marc’s positive tone?

It may help us all to just stop for a moment and remember what’s going on here: any number (at least half a dozen) Steinberg employees join Daniel most days - and nights - to read all the threads; help out (and seem to solve probs 90% of the time); keep us up to date with what’s happening; take anomalies away to work on, usually coming back with solutions in 24 hours or less; suggest workarounds; explain unambiguously why some things may - as yet - be impossible; reassure us; and generally elevate our experience of Dorico in a rather exceptional way.

Unusual to say the least.

Thank you! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: