I do it for fun so where is it?

I do this for fun. Fun only. Its my hobby. Its my love. I have +100k invested in gear because I love it. Cubase 8 completely ruins my fun. Cubase 8.5 destroys my fun. Cubase 7 and 7.5 gives me some fun. Cubase 6.5 gives me lots of fun.

Steinberg - Listen to me carefully: Fix this complete absolute f’n mess of a program or I am going somewhere else for my fun.

Not even going to list the ridiculous bible-length list of bugs that keeps getting worse (why rant now? Because now automation in 8.5 and 8 has completely f’n destroyed on a song… Can only get it to run properly in Cubase 7.5)

If my complaints are bugging anybody don’t bother responding I don’t f’n care.

If Steinberg doesn’t like like my complaint I don’'t f’n care.

If you kick me off the forum I don’t f’n care.

Fix your program