I do not see cubase 4 on my dongle

I have 2 cubases - cunase 4 and cubase 5. both have dongles. IAfter I installed cabse 5 i do not see my cubase 4 in license control centre. only cubase 5.
I want to use cubase 4 on on pc and cubase 5 on different pc. so one dongle with cubase 4 license and one dongle with cubase 5 dongle.
any help please

Do yo have both dongles plugged in to the computer on which you are looking at elicenser?

I have two licenses- sx 2 and Cubase 5. Each dongle shows up separately in elinceser control center with its license(s)

Hi Steve.

Yes I have both dongles in the pc. But I only see the Cubase 5 license and not Cubase 4 license.

Well, this is probably beyond my ken… but have you verified that the license is still present in your mysteinberg account, and have you hit the recover button in the ecc?

And of course, are you running the latest version of the ecc?

Hi Steve.

Yes I can see the license for cubase 4 and 5 in my steinberg account.
Done the recover button.
Running latest elicenser.

But no cubase 4 license.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry can’t be of more help.

Did you see this? http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3886

Steve, I tried version but no luck.



not sure I can help here either, but…
Still the same problem with only the Cubase 4 key connected?
Is the Cubase 4 key not seen in your other PC either?