I don´t understand why my cubase marks a 90%cpu when is...

I do not understand why my cubase marks a 90% cpu, when my processor is between 20/30% :open_mouth:

Why cubase only uses a 20/30% of my cpu?

I have to say this has me a little “edgy would be the adjective?”.

I do not understand why my “cpu cubase” marks a 90% cpu when my processor is between 20/30%.

It happens to everyone?

Advance notice that I have already marked the options “multi-processing” and “asio guard”. And practically not much difference between having “asio guard” turned on or not. In any case, it works best on.

I have latency in 512samples the (sometimes forced to upload it to 1024samples) with a yamaha n12 (latest drivers installed and the “ysfwutility” bufefer size to “large” to avoid problems of clicks.
Windows 8PRO and … if I leave something, I think it’s all in my signature :wink:

I know there are topics even talking about things like equal but … only 20/30% of cpu I have not seen … or has escaped me.

Any idea?

Sorry but I dont know to change my sign. :blush:

Note that I use Cubase 7.06 32 and 64… the same case.

ASIO meter has nothing to do with CPU.

but has to do with the performance of cubase, right? Or not, and I definitely have not understood its functioning?

Could someone explain how it works and therefore what would need to have more power, if not the processor? (Besides the ram and hhd speed, of course!)

Thank you very much for answering PNT but … you just left me frozen!
Because I understand that cubase does not want me out of CPU for other processes, but use only 30% … even if it were 50%, I really still think too little. I think when I put a porn movie “sucks” more cpu … hahaha :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Take a peek on page 24 in the Cubase 7 Operation Manual, under the heading The VST Performance Window.

The vst performance window in cubase is just so dated when compared to other daws such as Studio One which displays a huge amount of information about whats going on (or even the latest Halion series for that matter)

Of course general performance overviews can e displayed in the tool bar, considering the size and amount of screen real estate used by the vst performance window, it looks slightly antiquated to say the least.

Steinberg really need to address this to bring it into line, it’s a bloody nuisance having to crtl+alt+del (windows) in the middle of a session to view system status and find out whats going on