I dont find grace period 12 pro -> 13 pro

hello i buy cubase 12 pro in best service

i buy in March 06 2023 11:36 PM
i activated September 03 2023
i dont upgrade cubase13 pro (grace period)
I did it later than August 23.
Cubase 13 doesn’t even appear on the list
It just says the license can’t be found
I downloaded 13 normally.
and i check Run this program as an administrator off
and i dont find voucher

please help please

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Here you go.

i don’t help


If you activated your Cubase 12 licence on

The Grace Period doesn’t apply for you anymore.

I’ve already activated it
On September 3rd, 2023


Sorry, English is not my first language…

So you activated Cubase 12 on 2023-09-03. Correct?

Cubase 13 was released later, so at that time, you could not get Cubase 13 yet. But now, you are allowed to get one.

Go to the Steinberg Activation Manager and click the reload. Your licensed should be verified and the Grace Period should be offered to you.

Or follow the article, how to get the license, please.

im all ready but don’t find grace period


Thank you for the screenshot. How does the main window (the one with the licenses) look like on your side, please?

i was buy march
in best service


How does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

To me it looks like you should get in contact with your local Steinberg support.