I don't have a Steinberg USB eLicenser, how do install HALion Sonic SE 3?

Can someone confirm if I can install HALion Sonic SE3 on Mac OSX (to use a free library) without a USB eLicenser? So far it seems to be impossible. I don’t have any other Steinberg products and nor do I have the USB device.


Welcome Simon

Did you try just installing it? It uses a software elicense.

Thanks Steve. Yes I installed HALion and when I try and run it I get a pop "No valid license detected for HALion Sonic SE - Please connect your eLicenser and click Retry. I’ve updated my eLicenser control software and I’ve tried putting the activation code I had over email into that… but it says no USB license devices installed… So a bit stuck!


Hang on! My eLicenser is now showing a software licenser! Someone has pressed a magic button, I think we are ok now… :grinning:

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