I don't know what to do at this point....

Crash after crash after crash…

I wiped my whole computer clean and started fresh as if i just bought my mac and installed Cubase Pro 8.5 thinking that would help. I don’t use crack plugins and the legit third party plugins I have is not even installed yet, but still i got 2 “Cubase quit unexpectedly” in 10 minutes. 1 when I opened Cubase, right at the splash screen it just crashed midway and another one when I tried to save. I was creating my blank template so there weren’t any tacks or plugins or any kind processing for me to say maybe Cubase was under stress because so much was going on. Nope, nothing was happening. I really can’t make music or get creative like this. Buying Cubase is counterproductive. I would ask for help but if wiping my computer clean didn’t help I really don’t know what else to do at this point.

Meanwhile people who use other DAWs with less features continue to make 2-3 songs a day…

Anyone using another good DAW they mind recommending? I would really appreciate it.

Presumably you’ve tried starting in safe mode/trashing prefs? If so, then I think the best approach is to throw your computer at the wall, go have a beer, and think about it tomorrow.

Lol! Thats actually what I did yesterday.

Is there a chance you’re running El Capitan? I upgraded one of my machines (as a test) and found that Cubase would crash every few minutes at random. I think only an update from Steinberg will fix this.

If you’re on Yosemite then it could be a 1000 different things, man :wink:

Nah, Im still on Yosemite. For some reason its not crashing now but there’s still the tons of bugs. I guess I just have to deal with that until they fix them.

Strangely, 8.5 has fixed my crashing bugs (so far) on El Capitan. It’s also running fine on Yosemite.

Again, your situation could be caused by any number of things. ie: ‘Each display has its own space’ pref buggered thing up for me a while back. Or if you use system hacks.

Can you dig up the crash logs to get a hint of what may be causing them?