I dont know where my old account gone and I need re activation code

Two years ago I bought cubase 10 elements and now I changed my computer. I re-installed cubase LE AI Elements 10 and now I need activation code. But I cannot find my purchase e-mail and my old account in steinberg. I don’t know where and why my old account is gone. I only could create a new account. So I did bought cubase 10 elements but I cannot find my old account so that I couldn’t reactivate it. However I have payment detail. How can I get my activation code again?

hi hwaon0309

This is a user forum so it’s unlikely we can help with account issues - there is a ‘reset’ password option in MySteinberg but if you don’t know the email address that probably isn’t going to help.

Do you still have the old computer with the Cubase 10 elements licence on it ?

I would email Steinberg via your NEW MySteinberg account and let them know the payment details and any other information you have and they ‘may’ be able to assist.